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The economy ceased to be the playground for states or corporate world.  The economy goes from macro to micro levels, affecting families, individuals young or/and old, female-male or children. Understanding the economy, which pretends to be a complex science, is crucial to seeing the real picture, to take curicial steps to survive.

Indeks Speaker Agency speakers, institutions and individuals in finance and subtitles, for example; fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, money markets, commodity markets, energy, and the public sector, offer short, medium and long-term useful ideas and information, with accurate and appropriate forecasts in the field of economics.

Summary of subtitles;

  • Macro and micro economic information,
  • Situation, analysis and interpretation in money markets,
  • Financial market analysis,
  • Sectoral analysis,
  • Developments in the Turkish and World economy,
  • The future of the global economy,
  • The effects of political developments on economies,
  • Digital economic parameters
  • Trending topics; eg: AI and specific sectors,
  • Banking sector changes,
  • Public borrowing,
  • With foreign exchange and investment instruments