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Economist, Consultant, TV commentator, Vice Rector at Altınbaş University


The era of making money by selling goods and services is over. Today’s winners are those who properly apply the concept of time.

With his unique style, Dr. Emre Alkin brings a fresh approach to his analyses of the economy. Alkin is able to explain economic developments (e.g., critical data, fluctuating foreign exchange rates and stock markets, hot money, etc.) that can occur on any given day in a lucid manner without boring or tiring the audience. He can convey his views about the economy and politics in an objective manner which he bases on reliable sources.

One might be tempted to think of Alkin as a classical “professor,” but this is far from the truth of the matter. He is a very energetic and open-minded person, always eager to learn, and is capable of making unexpected connections. In short, many people wait to hear his unique commentary before making decisions about the economy.

Alkin says that, in order to understand and predict what will happen tomorrow, one needs to understand the past correctly. He emphasises the importance of history when interpreting economic developments. According to Alkin, the era of making money by selling goods and services is over. Today, the only way to acquire a position of global leadership is to apply the concept of time correctly. This successful economist says that in order to gain power in the global market, strategies need to be developed where telecommunication, Internet, media and entertainment are applied together. He uses his academic knowledge and his business experience to promote the correct strategies for uncertain environments.

In addition to his academic work, Emre Alkin is also a TV commentator. Being a member of the board of directors in different sectors and providing consultancy to various companies, he always has his finger on the pulse of the worlds of business, academia and the media. The versatility of his commentary and his ability to understand different perspectives is possible thanks to the variety of his business experience.

There is an unknown side to Emre Alkin’s story: he is also a musician. He gives highly entertaining and informative speeches on the newest developments in music, the economy, politics or cultural history, where he compares different sectors.

Who is Emre Alkin?

He graduated from İstanbul University’s Faculty of Economics in 1991 and completed his postgraduate education in 1993 at the same university. He became an associate professor in 1997 and a professor in 2002. Between 1999 and 2003 he served as the advisor to the President of the İstanbul Stock Exchange, as the Secretary General of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, and as a member of the Tax Council in 2003. He also worked for Çukurova Holding, Doğan Holding and Altınbaş Holding. He is a member of the board of directors of Yatırım Menkul Kıymetler and has been a member of the board of trustees of the Anadolu Foundation since 2000. He worked as a columnist for various newspapers and has appeared on numerous TV channels to give his analysis of the economy. He is a Vice Rector at Altınbaş University and Secretary General of the Turkish Football Federation.

Speech Topics

• What to expect from tomorrow’s economy

• The new economic order and balance

• Crisis and risk management

• Nothing will ever be the same again!