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Şebnem Kalemli

Professor of Economics and Finance at University of Maryland, Research Associate, “Center for Economic Policy Research” and “National Bureau of Economic Research”


Şebnem Kalemli Özcan is one of the world’s leading names in economics. Having worked for many years in the world’s leading economics research institutions and universities, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge at her disposal. Nowadays, she explains economic issues in lay terms and with her distinct energy. 

Şebnem Kalemli Özcan is highly sought-after across the world for her opinions on economics. She served as the chief economist for The World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa Region. Teaching international finance at Harvard University as a visiting professor, she became one of the three academics elected to the IMF Authority in 2012, where she works in cooperation with all the teams of the IMF and, in particular, the research department. She is an economist whose articles have been published in many of the leading international economy magazines. She has given speeches in many different parts of the world.

Kalemli Özcan is a senior researcher at the National Bureau of Economic Research and Center of Economic Policy Research, one of the most highly esteemed centres in the world for economic research. She is also a member of the European Central Bank’s Duisenberg Academy.

Şebnem Kalemli Özcan lectures on international finance at Koç University as a visiting professor. She is one of the most sought-after economists for her opinions on the global economy. At the same time, she is one of the most successful researchers and analysts at Kahin Roubini’s research company.

In addition, she is the first Turkish social scientist to have been awarded the European Commission’s Marie Curie International Reintegration Award for her study on European Financial Integration in 2008.

Kalemli Özcan believes wholeheartedly in the value of the studies and projects that she carries out. She believes that interdisciplinary studies of social science will reinforce each other and analysis of the economy will become easier and more useful.

Who is Şebnem Kalemli Özcan?

She received her Bachelor’s from The Middle East Technical University’s Department of Economics, and received a Master’s and then a doctorate in Economics from the University of Brown, USA.

She worked as an assistant professor, an associate professor and a full professor at Houston University. She has given courses at Bilkent University and Koç University. She has lectured as a professor at Harvard University. She held the position of chief economist for the Middle East and North Africa Region for The World Bank. Kalemli Ozcan is a member of the Duisenberg Academy of the European Central Bank, and works as a senior researcher for the National Bureau of Economic Research, Koc-TÜSİAD Economic Research Fund, and the Center of Economic Policy Research.

Speech Topics

• International Economy and Development

• The Impact of Population and Living Conditions on the Economy

• Financial Uncertainty and Financial Integration: Crisis  

• The Impact of Banks’ Risk Management Activities on the National Economy  

• Ways of Gaining the Biggest Advantage in International Financial Markets

• Long Term Investment Strategies of Different Countries