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Corona; “The Tough One Spoils the Game!” From now on “bit by bit” and Festina Lente (make haste slowly!)

Corona outbreak, COVID-19” came in the new decennium that started with 2020. Or maybe was brought. We don’t know for now…

Whatever the reason was, the die is cast. This decade is critical.

The course until 2030 will go down in history as the most destructive and hopefully the most constructive transformation after the industrial and internet revolutions.

This Corona period will be the best example to explain the saying, “The tough one spoils the game!”

As the human race, we have come to the end of our another “greedy and insatiable” periods that we strive to continue by stubbornly putting money in the place of all our value systems even though we are very well aware that it is not sustainable. “More, the most, the most beautiful ever, higher, more different”: this nonsense will stop at first like a sudden brake and then turn into “bit by bit, gradually, more balanced and moderate”.

And this will start with the “Coronavirus” that remains a “tiny” issue next to many large risks, diseases, dangerous possibilities such as the climate crisis. Just like that tiny drop overflowing the full glass…

In a nutshell, Corona said to the world: “You said it wouldn’t happen! You said it was impossible! You said it wasn’t allowed! You said they couldn’t! You said never!” Pointing its finger at the world, it started a disruptive wave of questioning and change in the minds, faiths and habits. And I’m glad that it did, because you can’t make room for the “new” without taking down the “old”, without changing paradigms…

I believe and I hope that we can reconstruct everything during and after this global shock, moral collapse, confusion, desperation and material and moral losses. Naturally, you will ask, “What about those that died of Corona, what about our losses?” The words fail for them. There are no words to describe how we feel… No matter how sad it is, we have to move forward rapidly…

This is not the first. The world has seen many pandemics in its time.

You can see the details on this link and Wikipedia. So why has the World turned it into such a big deal this time? Because it has never been this interdependent, wild, maniac and physically and cyberly connected overcrowded mass. The glass was almost full, ready to overflow; and Corona started the action as the last drop!

Corona is the advance signal now, only a Trailer… A Global “Crisis + Future Drill”…