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Nermin Bezmen

Nermin Bezmen

Nermin Bezmen


“I believe that if you do not love oneself, do not know what you want and do not know what makes you happy, you will be unable to feel love for another person.” 

Traces of the past

Nermin Bezmen is an author who, despite entering the Turkish literary scene rather late in life, has made up for any time she may have lost, producing successful works at a staggering rate. A best-selling author, Bezmen is highly admired and has a dedicated following, particularly among women. Bezmen rightfully takes pride in her “Literature Award” granted by the Haliç Rotary Club in 2002 and the fact that all 11 books she has written since 1991 became bestsellers. Placing a lot of importance on historical facts in her books, she has an interesting tip to share about her writing technique: “everything we do, say, all of our relationships and choices bear the imprint of our closest circle of friends and family, our general surroundings and the era we live in, as well as of our past and our genes. For this reason, the era in which the character I write about lives, his/her family, and all the other details from the political environment and socioeconomic conditions of the time, to the music, food and clothing culture are crucial for me.”

Who is Nermin Bezmen?

Nermin Bezmen fell in love with history in high school. She received her degree from Istanbul University’s Sultanahmet School of Administration. Following her studies in gilding and miniatures, she attended the Turkish Decorative Arts, Carving and Restoration Department at the State Academy of Fine Arts. She hosted live TV shows on the channel TRT 2. She has worked as a yoga trainer, a restorer, a PR expert, a panel organiser, a reporter for various newspapers and magazines, a columnist, and an art teacher. She is also still an active writer.


• Woman in the lead

• Conversations on literature

• Religions and women (women’s place in history and today, women’s relationship with the community, the changes in the world of women)

• Love, fondness

• The big world of the little ones

• Creative writing