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Journalist, Writer


Hakan Güldağ is a name that has been promoted to management by stepping up one by one in the journalism profession. Dünya Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Hakan Güldağ gives remarkable speeches Turkey’s economy, economics journalism, freedom of press and journalism.

Güldağ’s acquaintance with publishing dates back to 1985, he has strong news sources with its up-to-date information and equipment especially in production, agriculture and services in Anatolia, holds the pulse of the country in terms of sectors and business lines. He is known for his accuracy in his analysis .

He served as the Secretary General of the Istanbul Branch of the Economics Reporters Association. In 2005, he was elected to Brussels-based European Economic Press Federation (EBP) Executive Committee Member. Since October 2010, Turkey Journalists Association of Vocational Monitoring Committee members and Turkey Media and Communications Assembly of Turkey (TOBB MIM) serves as President.