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Society – History – Culture

Education is an element that determines the quality of life of individuals. It is also important for economic prosperity as well as being the cornerstone of all human values. Education starts from the moment we are born and continues throughout our life. This process is the driving force behind our success in life. In today’s 21st century, society has turned towards a business and lifestyle that has an environmental awareness in its social responsibility center. This awareness affects the way we do business and our understanding of business as well as our social lives.

Our speakers are inspiring people who will make you rethink its purpose as well as the true nature of culture and education:

  • The future of society,
  • The changing nature of education,
  • Environmental problems,
  • Gender equality and diversity,
  • Civil society – obtaining social responsibility and awareness,
  • Disabled life,
  • Human rights, Refugees and immigration
  • Legal life