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President’s Message


Yaprak Özer – President

İndeks Content Communication Indeks Speaker Agency

Face-to-face communication is probably the most effective way of sharing information and communicating messages. Indeks Speaker Agency, a  strong player of this platform makes difference with a strong expert team. We serve all audiences, open or private meetings. We define ourselves as “a professional platform that revitalizes the world’s oldest communication medium and transforms it into a visionary club of forward-thinking opinion leaders”.

Indeks Content Communication Consultancy founded in 2001, Speaker Agency followed in 2004 after a  World Economic Forum meeting, I attended as a “Global Leader” (2003) at Davos, an unforgettable time frame that encouraged me to define a speaker service. The idea and the first steps shaped in Davos, turned into a physical platform in Turkey with international partners.

The process taught us a lot, we defined ethical values, built a sustainable vision, and worked on the adaptation of our principles to Turkey. By creating a sector, we established Turkey’s new, diverse and colorful, quality sensitive, global and uncompromising local speaker agency. We have speakers from variety of geographies, sectors, and demographic groups.

Indeks Speaker Agency provides content for national and international events. Paul Krugman, Nouriel Roubini, Julian Assange, Martin Wolf, Bill Emmott, Malcolm Gladwell, Raghuram Rajan, Ari De Geus, Patrick Dixon, Hernando De Soto, Bob Herbold, Robert Kaplan, Prof. Paul Romer, Prof. Michael Raynor, Prof. Michael Raynor and many others. Paul Romer, Michael Raynor, Don Tapscott, Renee Maugborne, Robert Shiller, Yuval Noah Harrari, Waris Dirie, Emma Duncan, Gerhard Schroeder… and many more have met Turkish audiences so far.

Over time, we have increased the presence of Turkish speakers. Our portfolio is a “parade of stars”. It is unfair to name one or the other! I would like to summarize their performances collectively; as ” speakers of content”. 

Other Indeks services are critical features and natural supporters of Indeks Speaker Agency. Media Relations Services, an international platform with innovative solutions. Content serves is a parade of journalistic skills creating unique experiences.