Ebru Şinik

Ayurvedic Life Instructor
Ebru Şinik
Ayurvedic Life Instructor

Stress, tension, hypertension, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, unhappiness, fear, worrying for no reason, digestive system disorders, physical pain, psychosomatic disorders… If you say “Enough!” and want to live a more balanced life, perhaps this is what you need for your Body and Mind Balance: Meditation and Breathing Techniques.

N. Ebru Şinik is the one and still only ‘Perfecth Health Instructor’  in our country. Being one of the most popular speakers in the field of  Total Wellbeing, Meditation and Breathing Techniques, which are considered by scientists as the most effective antidote for stress, Şinik is one of the students of Deepak Chopra, the famous physician, author and philosopher, and one of the most eminent leaders in the field of “The Integrity of Mind, Body and Soul”, who invented the breakthrough method of “Quantum Healing” in the healing system. She lights the way to those, who want to overcome the stress of business world, and their unhappy and unsatisfied lives or maintain the balance between work and private life. Şinik participates in many “Total Wellbeing” seminars as an instructor or advisor and she currently studies Ayurvedic Medicine in the USA.

Şinik offers these services through her Yükselen Çağ (Rising Era) ” Center for the Integrity of Mind, Body and Soul.” She explains the purpose of Yükselen Çağ as “to improve the quality of life by seamlessly integrating techniques blended with modern medicine into our daily routines so as to support ourselves in living our lives in a more peaceful, healthier, happier and satisfactory manner.” The motto of the center is “Be Well, Be Happy.”

Being the Chief advisor and Lead- Educator of the center, she participates in special events and workshops. Target audience of Şinik consists of top managers of big enterprises, students, artists and everyone else, who wish to discover their inner wisdom and healing power.

Şinik is focusing especially at corporate world  for ” Work and Life Balance ” such as stress management, concentration and productivity enhancement, anti-aging and mindfulness-based diets without deprivation and living a happy life in ideal size,which have direct impact on people’s lives, she is one of the rare people that gives meditation seminars at board of directors level in our country.

Şinik is also the first person in our country that offers Body&Mind balancing ‘Ayurvedic Personal Care Products’.


Who is Ebru Şinik?

 Having worked in different industries and different positions in management levels for 17 years, Şinik discovered Meditation, Ancient Breathing Techniques and Ayurveda in a time of anxiety and depression like many other fellow professionals. Before that, she was distant to these concepts. Having started to practice daily what she had learned, Şinik decided after a while to become an expert in “Total Wellbeing” after noticing the rapid positive change in her life.

Şinik graduated from both Meditation and Ayurveda Faculties of Chopra Center University, one of the best institutions of the world in this field. Now, she regularly organizes monthly seminars at “Hilton Garden Inn Golden Horn” Hotel in Istanbul and provides many companies, top managers, executives, artists, students, etc. with “Corporate and Personal Consultancy” services and introduces them the techniques that help us by making mindfullness and conscious choices for a happier and healthier life away from stress in the light of ancient knowledge that improves the quality of life.

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