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Digital Marketing Expert and Youtuber


He graduated from Istanbul Technical University with BSc in Civil Engineering in 2004 and with MSc in Transportation Engineering in 2006.

Along with his engineering career which spanned 5 years from 2004 thru 2009, he published various videos on a YouTube channel that he started under the name of Batesmotelpro in 2006.

Thanks to the great interest and on-line activity by the channel, he created some of Turkey’s first commercialized viral digital video projects for major businesses.

In 2009, he made a career shift and started working as a copywriter at the advertising agency 41?29! where he wrote scripts for a period of 4 years and simultaneously continued to create his own video projects at Batesmotelpro.

In 2012, he wrote and starred in a comedy motion picture called “Patlak Sokaklar”.

With the funding he received after the release of “Patlak Sokaklar” he converted the Batesmotelpro channel into a digital video agency and created numerous digital video ads. This online media firm actively continues to create acclaimed digital ad content for a wide range of commercial clients, all with a unique sense of humor.

Together with his business partner Tolga Akış, he also founded the new media company “Hypers” in 2017, which operates in the field of influencer marketing, YouTube and other digital content creation and currently is the Creative Director for “Hypers”.

In 2019, he started his own Youtube channel “Volkan Öge Geliyor” where he continues to publish his individual videos and musical work.