Serhan Bali

Writer, Musician
Serhan Bali
Writer, Musician

Bali is the founder and editor in chief of the Opera and Ballet newspaper of the State Opera and Ballet Directorate of Turkey since 2011. Writing for the national press for over 10 years, Bali has also been the classical music columnist of the Radikal newspaper in Turkey since 2002. Also working as an editor in the music publishing field, Bali was the editor of pianist Fazıl Say’s latest book in Turkish named Yalnızlık Kederi-The Sadness of Loneliness. As an active radio producer, after working in Turkish Radio Television-TRT for several years, he now spends his time in producing and presenting music programs on Borusan Klasik, a 24 hours classical music radio channel in Istanbul. Bali took part in the advisory board of the Istanbul Music Festival between the years 2007-2009. During the previous years Serhan Bali has been an active participator in the meetings, conferences, panels all over the world in which the rich classical music tradition and the active classical music life in Turkey is being assessed. One of these recent meetings was organized by the BBC Radio 3 on 29th of July, 2014 in the Royal College of Music where Bali was one of the panelists talking about the recent developments in the classical music life of his country with good and bad aspects. Alongside the editorship of the Andante, Serhan Bali continues to write for the national and international press including the Opera magazine of UK of which he’s a regular contributor from Turkey. He’s also the presenter and scriptwriter of a documentary series on the Turkish channel IZ TV which has the topic of great composers and their birth cities.

Who is Serhan Bali?

Born in Ankara in 1973, Serhan Bali, after graduating from the Political Science and International Relations department of Istanbul University in 1995, finished his master thesis in the field of late diplomatic history of the Ottoman Empire. After working several years as a professional in the private sector, he began publishing the only nationwide classical music periodical in Turkey named Andante in 2002. As both the publisher and the editor in chief of Andante, Serhan Bali, alongside other respected editors and classical music journalists of several European countries, is among the jury members of the International Classical Music Awards-ICMA ( which gives awards to the best classical music recordings every year.

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