Haluk Gürgen

Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Bahçesehir University
Haluk Gürgen
Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Bahçesehir University

“Communication calls for an insight into society whereas marketing requires an understanding of the dynamics of change in the society. Keeping pace with the change is the first prerequisite of successful marketing.” 

The pace of life

Prof. Haluk Gürgen is a communications professional who has long carried out communication campaigns for a large number of private and public institutions. Prof. Gürgen describes the qualities of contemporary marketing as follows: “the pace of life is a key factor in triggering social change. We strive to exist within this fast cycle of life, identifying and fulfilling our needs faster every day, and consuming more rapidly to discover and consume new needs, again rapidly. Therefore, the key to successful marketing is to create brands that can cope with this dizzying speed. This means creating strong brands. Corporate brands are created through the correct management of corporate communication and reputation. The need to feed off the strength of corporate brands they belong to becomes more and more important in the creation and development of strong product brands.”

Who is Haluk Gürgen?

Prof. Haluk Gürgen has been serving as the dean of the Faculty of Communications at Bahçesehir University since 2006. Gürgen has conducted communication projects for the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Customs, the Directorate General for the Status of Woman, Vakıfbank, Mesa, Coskunöz Holding and Erciyas Biracılık. He also offers training sessions to multinationals, Turkish organisations and banks.


• Corporate Communications

• Crisis Communication

• Reputation Management

• Interpersonal Communication

• Existence and Communication

• Sharing, Responsibility and Communication