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Therapist and Change Manager


Who is Eralp Caner?

Eralp Caner is the founder and director of the Healing Hall Holistic Clinic in Istanbul and serves as the general secretary of the Life without Cancer Society of Turkey.

Eralp Caner

He is a Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor and Facilitator, who has worked with over a thousand clients throughout the world. His focus is Psycho-energetics and Neuroscience, specifically, teaching and facilitating Subconscious Mind Change. His services are highly sought out by individuals as well as corporate clients.

He is also a Diploma Level Domancic Bioenergy Therapist, certified Reconnective Healing and Reconnection practitioner, and OSHO Constellation Therapist, among others.

He works with clients in person and via Skype and teaches PSYCH-K® workshops worldwide.

Speech Topics

  • Brand new ME
  • Corporate Mind
  • Perception Reframing for Success (PRS®)