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Endüstriyel Ürün Tasarımcısı


Born 1977 in Istanbul.  After completing German High School in 1996, he received his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bosphorus University in 2001. The will to unite his passion for creative arts and his ability in positive sciences guided him into the world of Industrial Design. He completed his MA degree on Industrial Product Design at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Returning to Istanbul in 2005, before launching Mordag Design he worked for Eczacıbaşı Vitra and T-Design as product designer. Mordağ has been designing permanent products, combining logic and beauty for a wide range of sectors. He thinks that the universe has proven its great expertise in esthetics, because its logical approach to creation is flawless. Without exception it has been introducing the stunning beauty, where every single curve, connection, dimension can be explained through rationality. Music, color, shape, each of them has a certain mathematics that leads to beauty. Design is responsible for learning and performing this mathematics in its unique field. Mordag aims to achieve beauty through reasoning, which he calls as rational art.


Mordag Design, the Studio of Rational Art has been designing products for a wide range sectors that span span technology, housewares, accessories, industrial products, office wares, furniture, underwater, urban furniture, architectural installations. It offers industrial design & product development services from concept generation to manufacturing. Thanks to its innovative approach and engineering infrastructure, it has provided over 25 patented products and ideas to its customers. Within this broad spectrum Mordag Design won numerous awards in 6 different sectors. Millions of products with Mordag’s design signature meet its users in more than 25 countries.