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Innov’Coat Inc. Founding Partner, Vice Chairman, CTO


“Nanotechnology is going to change our lives. All we have seen so far of nanotechnology are prototypes. Numerous R&D projects are underway across the world, and significant budgets are being allocated for this.”

Gülsen Çeliker is a founding partner of Innov’coat which carries out projects for Turkey’s leading corporations working with or producing ceramics, white appliances, glass, aluminium and carpets. Since 2010, these companies have been able to offer innovative and multi-functional products in the market place thanks to the materials and coatings developed by Innov’coat. These products are also approved by international companies. These companies introduce these new materials through R&D alliances.

Çeliker takes an active role in her company’s collaborative projects on nanotechnology with various universities. As such, her company represents an important model in terms of university-industry cooperation. She considers that universities, government and the private sector should all unite around the “nanotechnology strategy.” Firmly believing that advanced technology will shape our lives in the future, Çeliker seeks to expand our horizons with several examples: future cars will be of different materials and have increased resistance against crashing. The cleanliness of ambient air will be controlled. Clothes will be cleaned by mere exposure to a UV lamp, which will eliminate the use of harmful chemicals used in cleaning. Actually, the essence of the matter is this: nanotechnology will change our lives. What we have seen, heard and lived so far is only the results of initial studies. A great number of R&D studies are being carried out all over the world; significant budgets are being allocated for advanced technology. Researchers like Çeliker are opening the doors to the future for us.

Who is Gülsen Çeliker?

Gülsen Çeliker received her Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctorate degrees in chemical engineering from the Middle East Technical University (ODTU). She worked as a research assistant at ODTU between 1982 and 1987. She started her industrial career in Akzo Nobel as a research specialist. She transferred to Dyo in 1995. She first worked as a manager in the automotive and industrial paints section, followed by an assistant general manager position at Yaşar BASF, where she formed the R&D and quality team. She served as the R&D coordinator at the Yaşar Paint and Chemistry Group between 2004 and 2009. In 2009 Çeliker established her own company which develops, manufactures and sells nanotechnology coating and materials by entering into a partnership with Materis, Europe’s third largest paint company. Çeliker, currently, creates projects and develops innovative products for industrial firms each of which are a leader in their own sector.

Speech Topics

• Nanotechnology in Turkey

• What will the future bring?

• New functions and new markets

• New technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship

• Nanotechnology applications – opportunities in various sectors