Ediz Hun

Ecologist, Instructor Okan University / Actor
Ediz Hun
Ecologist, Instructor Okan University / Actor

“Common sense and science will help us in creating environmentally friendly producers and consumers in order to enhance the welfare and quality of life of our people.” 

Population growth needs to be more firmly controlled

Ediz Hun is one of the golden names of Turkish cinema. He was one of the most well-known faces of an era. When he saw cinema reaching a deadlock, he turned to a different career path. He built his future around tackling environmental issues, the number one topic for the world today. Upon returning to Turkey as a successful scientist, he even went into politics for the sake of the environment. “In today’s system of global values and the contemporary approach to management, there are three basic elements: democratisation, human rights, and environmental protection law focusing on human-induced environmental pollution. All three are issues that societies must resolve at once”, says Hun.

The world’s population is currently growing by 300,000-350,000 people, or 10 football stadiums, a day. Hun believes that environmental issues can be resolved by controlling population growth. “Istanbul has a population of 15-16 million. One person produces four to seven litres of waste a day depending on their age and eating habits. Assuming an average of four litres, Istanbul produces 64 million litres of waste a day. If we do not control population growth, it will be impossible to manage environmental issues and the resulting global climate change.”

Ediz Hun is a speaker in high demand – he gives 35-40 lectures annually and the topics vary according to demand. He keeps his audiences spell-bound on stage with his active and vibrant presentations. His presentations are between 45-55 minutes in length and end with a QA section.

Who is Ediz Hun?

Ediz Hun holds a degree in biology and environmental science from Oslo and Trondheim Universities in Norway. He became a lecturer at Marmara University in 1985. He served as a consultant to the Ministry of the Environment and as Istanbul Provincial Director of the Environment between 1991 and 1993. He became a member of parliament for the ANAP (the Motherland Party) in the 1999 elections. He Served as the Chairman of the Environmental Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. He gives environmental and ecology classes at Bahçesehir and Okan Universities. He has worked in the Turkish film industry for 36 years.


• Global warming

• Ecology/Urban Ecologies

• Nature-human relations in socio-economic development

• Global climate change and the status of the world

•Friendship and Charity in Life

• World and  Own Movies History