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Management Consultant, EFQM Trainer and EFQM Assessor


Celal Seçkin is a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. He worked as an engineer and manager in PTT ARLA (TELETAŞ) and Siemens for 17 years.

He has undergone a variety of business excellence, management and leadership training programmes and has attended many national and international symposia, congresses and forums in the field of quality and organisational excellence as speaker, moderator and organiser

He worked at Turkish Society for Quality (KalDer) in 1998-2000, as Manager of the National Quality Awards Program and four years at the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) in Oct 2000-Dec 2004, as Manager of the European Quality Awards Program (now known as EFQM Excellence Award) and worked as part of the development team for the EFQM recognition scheme “EFQM Levels of Excellence”, revision of EFQM Model and development of EFQM training programs.

As a qualified EFQM Excellence Assessment Team leader, he has participated and led numerous organisational excellence assessments both in public and private sectors in many countries. As a member of the EFQM Faculty, he has trained many hundreds of assessors in many countries.

Celal Seçkin is founder of Seçkin Consulting and Training Co. Ltd, a Turkey-based company in management consultancy covering organisational performance management, internal/external assessments, leadership, change management, strategic planning, process management, continuous improvement and teamwork.

He took part as an instructor in Professional certification programs jointly organised by KalDer and Bosphorus, Sabancı and Okan Universities.

He is highly motivated for continuous learning and passionate for working in multi-cultural environments and believes that the EFQM Excellence Approach is one of the key aspects that will contribute to a better future for human being.

Speech Topics

Stories of (Un)success in Corporate Excellence

What are similar about well-managed institutions? What are the barriers or facilitator en route to corporate excellence?

Sustainability, leadership and adaptation to change in corporate excellence.

Sharing of experience on corporate excellence.

Corporate Mirror: Self-evaluation; but how?

Why self-evaluation? How to ensure objectivity, fairness and clarity in self-evaluation? What are the strengths and areas of improvement available for determination by self-evaluation? How to benefit from the results of self-evaluation? What are the basic elements in designing the improvement process?

Diving Power Behind the Process of Change of Institutions: Leadership

What is the impact of leadership in corporate management, change processes and success? How to evaluate the relations between corporate culture, values & ethical perspective and leadership? What are the basic features of a successful leader’s profile? How to meet the expectations of the stakeholders and manage the relations as a leader?

How To Act at Inevitable Junctions: Change Management

The feeling of the need for change. Resistance and adaptation to change.

The role of leaders and leadership in the process of change. Corporate culture, values and change.

Management of change process. Role of stakeholders in change management.

That’s Life, But It’s Not Inevitable: Innovation

Why innovation? A need? A luxury? A requirement? A trend? A hobby? Making a difference? How? Relations with corporate culture and management approach. Examples of failure in innovation… Barriers, facilitators. Sustainability in innovation.

Let’s Work, Search, Understand and Solve Together: Moderation, Workshops, Management and Design of Search Conferences

Workshops on certain areas of focus for performance improvement and a better and more effective management approach?

Strategic planning.

Process management.

Employee satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction.

Social responsibility.

Change management.


Ethics, corporate culture, values etc.