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“İçerik Kraldır” bir slogan değildir

(Yazar: İndeks Konuşmacı Ajansı, İçerik Fabrikası)

İndeks Konuşmacı Ajansı Kurucusu ve İndeks İçerik İletişim Danışmanlık CEO’su Yaprak Özer, Türkiye’de İsviçre Ticaret Odası Derneği’nin sorularını yanıtladı. Röportaj kurumun Ocak 2016 e-bülteninde yayımlandı. İndeks ve İndeks çatısında hizmet veren diğer kuruluşlar hakkında ayrıntılı bilgi veren Yaprak Özer, İndeks Konuşmacı Ajansı’nın Türkiye’de önemli bir boşluğu doldurduğunu belirterek konuşmacılığın bir hobi olarak düşünülmemesi gerektiğini belirtti. Konuşmacılığın profesyonel bir iş olduğunun altını çizen Özer Türkiye’de henüz bu anlayışın tam olarak gelişmediğini ancak gelecek için son derece umutlu olduğunu ifade etti. Gazetecilik kariyerinden de söz eden Özer yöneltilen soru üzerine içerik trendlerinden de bahsetti. “Bizim için ‘İçerik Kraldır’ söylemi asla sadece bir slogan değildir” diyen Yaprak Özer, “Eğer içeriğe yatırım yaparsanız yaptığınız yatırım mutlaka size döner” ifadesine yer verdi.

Ms Özer, tell us a little bit about your background.

I started my carreer as a journalist… As print journalist, I worked for numerous Turkish daily news papers, (Güneş, Cumhuriyet, Hurriyet). Also worked on peripodicals as managing editor and editor in chief (Ekonomist, Capital, Kariyer Dünyası, Sectorial Supplements & Human Resources Newspaper-Hurriyet).As TV journalist, I produced programmes on economy and management for TRT2, CnnTurk and BloombergHT. I wrote columns for various publications, currently writing for Dunya Newspaper. Published 5 books, and academic articles, on topics such as communication, leadership, management, globalization. I have a B.A. in Journalism, Istanbul University. M.A. and Phd in Political Science and International Relations, Bosphorus University. I have attended both academic-professional and international Scholarship Programmessuch as NATO Research Fellowship; City University, Journalism Fellowship; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Fellowship on bilateral-relations, and Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships-US in association with USA Today and The TennesseanI was nominated “Global Leader For Tomorrow-2003“ by the World Economic Forum, Davos. In 2001, founded a communication-content company and I have become an entrepreneur in the field of communication. Finding my own company accompanied my journey in journalism. I am the founder and Ceo of 3 functional communication services, namely; Indeks Content and Communication – Indeks Speaker Agency – Content Factory.

What kind of services does Indeks offer?

Indeks, is the umbrella for: Indeks Content&Communication– A content and communication management company, provides content material and communication solutions for the corporate world. Indeks SpeakerAgency, holds local portfolio of speakers along with foreign speakers, and represents LeighBureau (US), and cobrokers with European Agencies. Indeks Speaker Agency is an established Media Training Organization, home to a group of famous journalists and communication experts… Content Factory/İçerik Fabrikası – An electronic sales platform for ready to publish content; text, photography, video… İçerik Fabrikası is a syndicated platform for editors and writers.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of working with an agency that provides speakers?

Let me identify 2 points; first speaking is no longer a hobby, it is a profession, which means that not only performance but knowledge is important, corporate world should be working with professionals; secondly time is the most precious asset, corporate world needs performance based on knowledge and experience sharing. As a speakers agency, our job is to search and select best functional topics and speakers to deliver the subject. We are a bridge between the target audience and client. It is our job to match right speaker. We save time, we manage and further we help corporate world communicate within and to the outside world. It is also our job to communicate in different time and geographic zones and sustain it for best results.

What is your impression of Turkey and the Turkish market so far?

For speaking engagements, the market is still not developed. Needs time. Having said that, I remember my first days in promoting the notion of “speakers”; time has changed for the good. Turkish business has valuable experience to deliver to the outside world, and intellectual capacity and appetite to learn more from others. I am hopeful for the future.

Name us three extraordinary things about Indeks?

We create, manage and measure content. We interpret communication for specific target audience, which is the missing part in many occasions. We tailor content for a specific situation.

What is the biggest challenge your company is facing in Turkey?

Communication is not considered to be the number one agenda of the corporate world. Furthermore, it is not systematic and sustainable. Therefore it has no holistic strategic basis for a long term commitment. Short termism is a problem not only in economic terminology, it is a critical problem for communication.

What future plans does your company hold and what are your upcoming projects?

Our challenge is to adapt locally and establish&manage globally… Therefore for three major services it is our ongoing and never ending project cycle. If I am to pick one; our innovative and recent service is “content factory”, a unique business in Turkey. For the first time anyone can electronically buy content ready to be published. Content Factory is a storage, is a library, and a platform for writers, editors, photographers, and design people… You can buy instantly, or you can order froma specific person and or we can search and select the righ person or team.

Is there anything else you would like to add that would be of interest to our SCCT Bulletin readers?

I am looking forward to seeing a real appreciation for content. “Content is King” should not only be a slogan. You need to invest in content-communication and in return communication invests in you.