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  /  Yavuz Selim Şen

Yavuz Selim Şen

Yavuz Selim Şen

Yavuz Selim Şen

Felixum Yatırım Danışmanlık Şirketi CEO’su

Yavuz Selim Şen, graduated from Istanbul University, continued his education at Shanghai Normal University in order to observe and learn China. He started working as a Market Analyst at a Shanghai-based investment consultancy company. He undertook the management of FMCG and retail companies, who want to enter the Chinese market and continue their activities in the market, by planning their entry into China.

Şen established distribution networks in developed cities of China and in parallel, so that many food companies serve their successful works in China. Şen provides consultancy services on the Far East retail market and consumer behavior, branding, sales and distribution network.

Şen Speaks Chinese. He is famous blogger in China Affairs “Chinese Diary”. Şen also speaks Korean and Japanese.