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  /  Rasim Öztekin

Rasim Öztekin

Rasim Öztekin

Rasim Öztekin

Screen and Stage Actor, Voice Artist, Trainer

Emphasising that the biggest deciding factor in a business’ success comes from the employees working in sales and marketing, Rasim Öztekin says, “Grow right, grow profitably. Coach your employees in the right way. The quality of your brand will be defined by the quality of your employees.” 

“The quality of your brand will be defined by the quality of your employees”

A range of memorable stage acts and record-breaking Turkish movies are just a few items in Rasim Öztekin’s long list of achievements. He aims to produce distinctive works in every area where people are the raw material. Just like the characters and stories he writes for his stage acts, the content Öztekin provides in his speeches is unique and gives corporate employees a remarkable edge.

“Profitable growth comes from sales and marketing skills”

When you maintain a good dialogue with your clients, possess marketing skills and have a good overall knowledge of the market, you won’t have a hard time finding jobs. In today’s relentless market, it is important for a company to increase the quality of its products or services. However, it is also important for the marketers of those products and services to bring some sort of added value. It is here that Öztekin believes a company’s prowess and distinctiveness are reliant on the communication skills of its sales and marketing teams. Öztekin further explains how these communication skills influence the company’s level of success. He does this using characters, brief acts and shows he writes, based on the needs of each company.

There are always high expectations surrounding the content of corporate training sessions, and retailer and end of year meetings. Even if it is rich and satisfying, a presentation may still not meet your expectations when it comes to its impact and conciseness. Öztekin notes that an audience’s concentration tends to fade after 20 minutes in standard speeches. However, when using unusual content, with brief stage acts and different characters, the delivery of the message is strengthened by the unique, theatrical style.

Who is Rasim Öztekin?

Born in 1959 in İstanbul, Rasim Öztekin graduated from Galatasaray High School and then continued his studies in communication at Istanbul University. In 1980 he became a member of the ensemble of the Ortaoyuncular and took part in almost all of their performances. Due to health issues in January 2009, Öztekin had to leave the stage, saying “you should consider me theatrically idle for some time.” He has acted in 28 plays and 18 movies. He has been granted the Altan Erbulak, İsmail Dümbüllü and Afife Jale stage awards. Below are the movies and stage acts he has acted in:

– Kanalizasyon (2009)

– Kabadayı (2007)

– Se Upp För Dararna – Kapılara Dikkat – İsveç yapımı (2006)

– Yıldızların Altında (2005)

– Şans Kapıyı Kırınca (2004)

– Pardon (2004)

– Sahibinden Satılık Birinci El Ortaoyunu (2001-02)

– Haldun Taner Kabare (1997-98)

• Importance of communication in sales and marketing

• Motivation

• Customer Satisfaction

• Teamwork

• Coaching

• Staff supervision