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  /  Özlem Çakır

Özlem Çakır

Özlem Çakır

Özlem Çakır

Image Maker and Communication Consultant

“Personal image is a process that needs to be managed from the inside-out. Image is as important as content.” 

Image management

Özlem Çakır introduced the concept of personal image to Turkey. From her, we learned that our outer appearance is part of our personality and needs to be integrated into what we do.

“The requirements for a good career are increasing every day,” says Çakır. “Merely having a good education, talking academically and being an expert in the field are not enough to climb the ladder. Image is as important as content. Under the current conditions, you also need to have a correct and consistent image in order to succeed in the business world. 55 percent of the first impression that is made between 30 seconds to four minutes is created by body language and outer appearance. For this reason, personal image is crucial. According to research conducted by Harvard Business School, image and noticeability are nine times more useful than skills and talents.”

Who is Özlem Çakır?

She received her education in image consultancy from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and the London Image Institute in Atlanta.

Çakır is the first professional member from Turkey of the Association of Image Consultants International and she has served as the president for this region for many years. She received the award for the best image consultant of the year from P&G in May 2005. She offers corporate training in personal image, communication skills, presentation skills, media communication, casual dressing and international business etiquette. She also provides image consultancy to top executives and politicians.

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