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  /  Nur Batur

Nur Batur

Nur Batur

Nur Batur

Journalist, Author, Commentator

Batur graduated from TED Ankara College and the Communication Faculty of Gazi University and became the first woman to undertake the role of Athens and Ankara Representative of Hürriyet Newspaper as well as Kanal D in Turkish media. Batur, for many years, wrote articles on foreign and domestic politics in Tercüman, Milliyet, Hürriyet and Sabah. She was Kanal D television’s Ankara representative. She was named journalist of the year three times by Turkish Journalists’ Association, and selected as the best television host of the year by Tempo Magazine. She received the International Peace and Friendship Award. In the 84th year of the Republic, Batur was awarded the title of the “Golden Person of the Year” in the field of television and journalism. She made news and commentary programs for BBC, The Voice USA and the Voice of Germany. Being a mother with two children, Batur gives post graduate level lectures at Bahçeşehir University.

“I believe that the past must be well analyzed to enlighten the future,” says Nur Batur, known for her interviews with the world’s leaders, who left their mark on the Middle East and global politics. Batur is deciphering today’s global codes in her conversations.

As a journalist and a writer, Nur Batur is a witness to the “Bloody Chess” played in the Middle East since the Cold War to present day. Including Yasser Arafat, Bashar Assad, Mohammed Morsi, Amr Musa, Jalal Talabani and Massoud Barzani, she interviewed the leaders who made their mark in the last 40 years of the Islamic and Arab world, and she, during her career, has become one of the few journalists who have had the chance to monitor and examine the never-ending fight within the triangle of Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. She monitored the Annan Plan negotiations in 2002, the dialogue between the European Union and Turkey, and the referendums that determine the ordinance of public opinion for Turkish readers. She held up a mirror to Turkey’s struggle with European integration. She helped us to understand and comment on our country’s position in the world politics scene.



She was Athens representative of Hürriyet and CNN Türk during Ocalan crisis and the crisis of Imia which brought Greece to the brink of war with Turkey. She also monitored the period of rapprochement between the two countries during 10 years she served in Greece. She was one of the earliest architects of the dialogue among Turkish and Greek journalists.

“I believe that we must analyze the past well to enlighten the future,” says Batur, having interviewed many world leaders who deeply influenced the Middle East and global politics in the past. Among them are Saddam Hussein, the leader of Iraq, and his right hand Tariq Aziz; Lech Walesa, who unfurled the flag of freedom against the Soviet Union during the Cold War; Izak Rabin, who was killed by an Israeli fanatic’s bullet; Francesca Cossiga, the founder of Gladio, the underground organization of the Cold War era; and George Papandreou, the architect of Turkish-Greek rapprochement.



Batur performed the first interview with Yasser Arafat, introducing his wife Sue Arafat to the world, whom he had been able to hide from the world public for a long time after being married. Batur is the journalist who made the last interview with the Muslim world’s first female Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who was killed by an assassin.

With the researches she made in White House, the US State Department, the CIA and British state archives, Batur wrote a series of articles that shed light on the military coups of May 27th and March 12th, Cyprus and Cuba nuclear negotiations. Batur attended and spoke in many international conferences, such as George Town University Leadership Conference, Wiltonpark Conference, Brussels and Halifax forums. Batur continues to participate on television, radio programs and various conferences as a commentator.

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