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  /  Meral Erbil

Meral Erbil

Meral Erbil

Meral Erbil

Dubbing Artist, Instructor, Announcer, Translator & Director

“I thank the passing years. They have offered me many different experiences.” 

How to speak right

Commercials and movies are just a few examples of projects that have gained in meaning and worth thanks to Meral Erbil’s voice. In 17 years of working in communication, Erbil has not only been highly successful at dubbing, but also in many other fields.  Her successful works include the drama “Konuşulmayanlar,” a novel of young adult fiction “Nilüfer diye bir kız,” her various stories, translations of plays, award-winning TV programmes, and numerous trailers. Her experience working in corporate communication and CCTV has provided Erbil with experience of business life in the private sector.

Meral Erbil, a member of Indeks Speakers Agency, shares her knowledge of how to speak correctly and effectively through workshops and seminars. In these meetings, called “Rahat Konuşmak İçin!” she discusses subjects such as correct breathing, relaxation, correct voicing, intonation, accentuation and speaking with valuable words, as well as usage and pronunciation mistakes, and also raises awareness of image and body language.

She emphasises the importance of these basic points for public speaking that help prevent speakers from getting nervous and help them convey the subject correctly and efficiently.

Who is Meral Erbil?

Meral Erbil started her career at TRT Ankara Radio at an early age. She graduated from the Communication Department of Ankara University’s Political Sciences Faculty in 1980. After years of dubbing, hosting and acting, she became a director and a producer at TRT. She also wrote the scripts of the programs and films that she made and directed. She has written four dramas, a book and a novel of young adult fiction. In 1997, she joined Denizbank and worked as the manager of the Advertising and Public Relations Department, a role which she performed successfully for eight years. In 2005, she suspended her career to go to London and learn English. In December 2009, she returned to DenizBank as DenizTV’s chief editor. Currently, she gives training programmes on personal development and occupational subjects for DenizBank employees and provides impressive communication and diction training sessions for the Banks Association of Turkey.

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