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  /  Hüseyin Özer

Hüseyin Özer

Hüseyin Özer

Hüseyin Özer

Restaurant Owner, Entrepreneur, Educator

“Money kept in the bank rather than spent on self-improvement, will only yield benefits to others…”

Hüseyin Özer  is the owner of the world’s first “Michelin Guide” recommended Turkish Restaurants – Özer and Sofra – and a successful entrepreneur. He is also an innovative, idealist businessman who persistently strives to improve and keep himself up-to-date. He has an intense history; As a child, he witnessed his parents splitting up and nearly fell victim to an “honour killing” incident, nevertheless he still managed to maintain his firm grip on life. His life is full of success stories.

His story is extraordinary and distressful at times, as touching as a Yeşilcam movie could get. However this tale does not conclude with a bitter ending. His early life stages passes in Tokat and he confronts his first real life challenges in Ankara. With bad finances and no accomodation, Özer tries to make a living here, juggling work and English classes at the same time. Even at those early stages, he never holds himself back from self-improvement, he knows the significance of education. He keeps himself surrounded with books; he knows that nourishment for the soul is as important as food and shelter are to the physical body.

Later on, he saves up some money and decides to go to England. Though not nearly enough for a plane ticket, what he has is suffice to afford a bus journey. While reminiscing the old days, he adds “I just wanted to be a good human being, while everbody else tried to be a big-timer”. He enrolls in English classes as soon as he gets to London, as well as getting a steady job in a Döner-shop. On the next stage in his life, he is finally able buy the shop that he’s been working for so many years now. Suddenly this insignificant shop with 30 years of customer scarcity becomes a hot-spot with a long waiting queue. He even has bullet-proof windows installed for his VIP customers, Embassedors and Government Officials, so they are able to safely enjoy their meal.The restaurant’s popularity  continues to grow, still to this day.

Who is Hüseyin Özer?

To serve healthy and affordable dishes during the periods of economic crisis, Hüseyin Özer has founded the restaurant chain where the menu price is determined by the customers. He has offered his full support to many civil society organizations in London for many years and until this day, including the Turkish-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He also established the “Hüseyin Özer Eğitim Vakfı” (Hüseyin Özer Educational Foundation). The foundation is now providing specialty trainings on how to set up and manage a restaurant, how to improve customer flow, proper apparel and proper dining, how to gain customer loyalty, PR, oenology and wine tasting, healthy living, nutrition and maintaing a healthy diet, self-care, art of eloquence, body language, organization skills and hygiene rules for business.

Özer is introducing the Turkish cousine and hospitality all around the world with his Özer and Sofra Restaurants, stationed at London’s well-trodden and highly packed centers. In his restaurants; You may  come across Özer’s “Sofra Cook Book” which is on shelves internationally. The book includes modern recipes of main and side dishes from Turkish and Middle Eastern cousines.

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