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  /  Güventürk Görgülü

Güventürk Görgülü

Güventürk Görgülü

Güventürk Görgülü

Marketing Specialist, Author, Journalist

“Marketing is never just marketing”

“If you want to successfully market any product, you have to have a wide perspective about life beyond business and sector knowledge. It is difficult to get a respectable and lucrative foothold in the future’s big picture, without having a grasp on global economy, politics, sociological trends, changes in technology and the characteristics of the human soul. That’s why marketing should not be viewed just as marketing…”

Güventürk Görgülü is one of the renowned names that specialize in economics and marketing. After a long career as an economics journalist, he now uses his vast experience as a marketing consultant, who helps companies reorganize and bring higher value to their business.

Görgülü believes that sustainable success stiffly depends on the capability to redesign and reorganize the company, the brand or the product, whenever deemed necessary. According to him; we need to change our social paradigm for the concepts of enterprise and entrepreneurship, from small to large scale, if we genuinely want to see improvement in our social welfare.

He shares his perspective with readers every Friday on his column “Marketing 3.0” at the Dünya newspaper. He places emphasis on many subject matters including; how the changes in global economy affects consumer trends, what innovation means for businesses and how marketing is influenced by digital technology, relations of production, political advances and environmental changes.

Görgülü gives lectures on business & economics journalism and news & content creation at the Faculty of Communication Sciences in İstanbul Bilgi University, while concurrently counseling – especially on B2B marketing – a diverse range of companies and providing assistance to various civil society organizations with their annual reports.

Who is Güventürk Görgülü?
Güventürk Görgülü received his post-graduate degree in Political Science, after graduating from the Department of Public Administration at Istanbul University’s Faculty of Political Science in 1986. His thesis titled “Economic Dependence and Monopolization in the Press” was published by the Journalists’ Association of Turkey in 1991.

He started his career as an economics journalist at the Yeni Gündem magazine in 1987. He continued his journalism career at the Ekonomik Panaroma and Tempo magazines. He served as a union official at the DİSK Research Institute (DİSK-AR) through 1992-94. He worked at the economics newsdesk of  Yeni Yüzyıl newspaper, during its first publishing period. He took on many different roles including, economic news editor and documentary producer at Kanal-E (CNBC-e), economic news editor and columnist at Gazete Pazar incorporated within Hürriyet Media Group and special report journalist and editor at the Hürriyet Magazines Group.

He participated as an administrator at the Progressive Journalists’ Association – İstanbul Branch for two management periods and published economics articles at the NTVMSNBC news portal. His book titled “Marketing 3.0 – The marketing approach of the new era”, which he co-authored with Nesteren Şencan Görgülü, was published in December 2010 and it lays out the basic principles of marketing in the new era.

With his book “Economic Dependence and Monopolization in the Press”,

Güventürk Görgülü was awarded the Grand Prize for Journalism at the 1992 Milliyet Newspaper Awards. Amongst his publications is another book titled “The 90’s Labor Class in Turkey: Social and Economic Indicators”, which he co-authored with economist Mustafa Sönmez.

Güventürk Görgülü, who is a full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Sciences in İstanbul Bilgi University since 2007, also continues to work as a project consultant at the Portakal Pazarlama Danışmanlığı, of which he is also the founding partner, since 2000. He also continues to author his recurring column titled “Marketing 3.0” each Friday, in the World newspaper.

You can follow Güventürk Görgülü’s recent articles from the Dünya newspaper ( and his blog titled “Marketing 3.0” (

Lecture Notes

– Sustainable growth

– Global post-crisis growth

– B2B

– Decision-making in the construction business

His Books

– Marketing 3.0 – The marketing approach of the new era

Lecture Notes

The real secret of sustainable growth: Being the next generation company!

Today, the context of marketing has changed and marketing became the fundamental function of the companies. Does our organization, our human resources and our decision making processes have the power to embrace this change? Whether a company is small-scale or large, a veteran or beginner, national or global; What kind of man power, essence, climate and business approach does your company need in order to grasp this change?

The ability to grow globally after crisis…

How do crises emerge, how does growth initiate post-crisis, how do the great global trends shape the world around us? Which trends does the world get most influenced by and where are these trends leading us? What is the formula of growth in the new world? Where are we positioned and what do we need to do? Güventürk Görgülü provides the answers for such questions.

Rules of the B2B game

A huge segment economy consists of sectoral purchases, in other words “business to business” or “B2B” commerce. A significant number of companies produce products and services for this market, but does not have much to say on B2B marketing. The results compiled from a decade of interviews held with thousands of people in the B2B market, contain important clues as to the decision-maker behaviors in this field.

Who decides on what, when and how in the construction business?

How much are the construction companies, considered as the driving force of Turkish economy, familiar with the market they are operating in? Who makes the decisions concerning employment and how? The harms of the “inter-company mimicking” epidemic. What are the common errors that are known to be correct? Some popular salesperson myths and what to do about them. Güventürk Görgülü sheds a light on to the unknown.

Customer Relations