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  /  Gonca Gürses Van Herpen

Gonca Gürses Van Herpen

Gonca Güreses Van Herpen

Gonca Gürses Van Herpen

Coloratura Soprano, Sound Therapist

Gonca Gürses van Herpen, represented by Indeks Speaker Agency, is engaged in a rare business in Turkey: Sound therapy. Gürses van Herpen is the first-ever “Turkish Sound Healing Therapist” and a coloratura soprano. She is engaged in research on esoteric knowledge and various healing techniques since 2003. In her speeches, she advocates that everyone has a unique vibration and sound can be used for self-healing. Gürses van Herpen uses Sound Healing in her works as well as a number of other initiations including Reiki, Stone Healing, Kundalini Reiki, Kwan Yin, Ra- Sheeba, Silver Violet Fire, Full Spectrum Healing, Golden Triangle, Orb of Life, Isis Blue Moon, Holy Grail and Healing Circle.

Gürses van Herpen’s versatile initiations are a result of long-lasting group and individual works. Gürses combines these disciplines to create her unique technique. Her first effort was to attend “Sound Healing” workshop by Jonathan Goldman in Colorado, Denver, Boulder in 2006. With the certification issued there, she worked in this area in Turkey and became the first Turkish Sound Healing Therapist registered by the Globe Institute for Sound Healing. Gürses attends the “World Sound Healing Day” in Istanbul like many other followers of Jonathan Goldman throughout the world.

Music of Gürses is also impressive. As a coloratura soprano, she attended “Transit-Istanbul Improvisation Days in Music” workshop by the French percussionist Le Quan Ninh in 2006. She gave an improvised performance as the guest musician at a concert by Islak Köpek. She also improvised a solo performance at the improvised dance show at Darphane-i Amire.

After a short break, she gave a vocal performance for Fazıl Say’s “New Songs” CD album in 2014. She was on stage for numerous concerts including the three sopranos “Classics Summer Concert” and Noel Concerts at the Netherlands Consulate Chapel and Austrian Culture Center as well as the United Nations Day Concert with the baritone Kevork Tavityan.

She currently continues with seminars, concerts and vocal improvising.

Who is Gonca Gürsen van Herpen?

Gonca Gürsen van Herpen is a coloratura soprano born in Munich, Germany. Her interest in music started in early ages at the schools choir. She majored in English Literature at Dokuz Eylül University and started Mimar Sinan University’s Stage Arts Opera Department for her second license degree. She played several roles at Istanbul State Opera and was the soloist singer of Grup Turkuaz. In addition to singing at the opera, she taught English at MSU and a certain number of international schools as well as English lessons on music, dance, drama, singing, Turkish language and culture. She is married with the chef, photographer and documentary producer Wilco van Herpen and the mother of a daughter.

  • Unknown Power of Human Voice (Sound healing – Sound therapy seminar)

In your fast-paced and stressful life, you can better learn the techniques for relaxation, feeling better and healthier and increasing your awareness using your breath and voice more effectively.

Vibration is everything, every living thing has a unique vibration. When we work with our voice in a controlled manner, we start to transform our vibration. At this event, you will explore the basic aspects of working with voice. You will work with your own voice as your personal healing instrument and be stronger against stress, let away and transform your rage, anxiety and fear. You will enjoy the freedom of expressing yourself using simple techniques. You will meet the most natural way of cleaning the residue that has accumulated in you and imbalances your body, makes it ill in a number of ways without you noticing. Wings of sound will carry you to a new and deeper level of existence. You will experience and learn to use your own voice as a unique and most effective healing instrument to discover the light in you, open your heart to love, improve and transform your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

  • What this therapy will give you:

* Proper breathing, relaxation with breathing.

* Clearing the negative energy from the body, earthing.

* Letting away and transforming negative emotions (rage, anxiety, fear, etc).

* Reinforcing the immune system. (Thymus gland)

* Sound healing meditation: Improving and balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

  • What is diaphragmatic breathing? How is it used? How is it improved? Exercises
  • Poper use of the voice and vocal cords care
  • Stress management techniques
  • Clearing the negative energy from the body, earthing
  • Letting away and transforming negative emotions (rage, anxiety, fear, etc)
  • Reinforcing the immune system (Thymus gland)
  • Chakras and energy centers of the body
  • Sound healing meditation: Improving and balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state
  • Location, aura, chakra cleansing
  • Techniques for prevention against energy-absorbing people and locations
  • Mineral stones for location cleansing and prevention against the magnetic field created by the technological devices used at offices and homes
  • Orientation with colleagues, teamwork, empathy