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  /  Deniz Yılmaz Atakay

Deniz Yılmaz Atakay

Deniz Yılmaz Atakay

Deniz Yılmaz Atakay

Türkiye PKU Aile Derneği Koordinatörü

Deniz Yılmaz’s life has evolved in a completely different course with the birth of her baby girl . Everything turned upside down when her daughter Lal was diagnosed with PKU, or Phenylketonuria. Atakay has dedicated herself to awareness raising activities related to PKU disease.

PKU, which is a genetic metabolism disease that occurs due to the inability or little work of an enzyme in the liver, can be diagnosed by tests performed immediately after birth. PKU patients, who are forbidden to consume high protein foods throughout their lives, face mental illnesses such as mental retardation over time if they do not live with this fact.

Deniz Atakay, founded the PKU Family Association in 2005, still serves as the president and country coordinator of the association.

Atakay seeks  awareness for  PKU with her book titled ‘My Intelligence is In Your Hands, Feed Me Right’, which has been translated into 3 different languages.  ​​ Atakay, also wrote a theater play, conveys her own experience in difficulties and struggle through trainings and seminars on different platforms.