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  /  Çağdaş İslim

Çağdaş İslim

Çağdaş İslim

Çağdaş İslim

TTSG Kurucu üyesi

Çağdaş İslim has succeeded in eliminating the effects of his Tics Tourette Syndrome in his life since childhood. The success of İslim’s courage is found in the following words; “I can live with Tourette, I can’t live without dreaming.” Thanks to his dreams of, not only controlling tics, but also the inspiration of many young people who suffered from this syndrome, helped them overcome their problems.

İslim continues to struggle in the work of Tourette Syndrome, giving impressive speeches on various platforms. İslim, who graduated from Bilgi University Faculty of Law, is the advocate of the rights of the disabled in the field of law.

İslim, with the leadership of Prof. Yankı Yazgan help estalish Turkey / Tick Tourette Syndrome Volunteers (TTRG). The platform was selected as “Changemakers” by the Sabancı Foundation in season 8. The work of the platform also attracted the attention of the NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome team in the USA and joint projects started to be carried out.

Tourette’s syndrome was first described by the French physician Gilles de la Tourette in 1884: “A neurodevelopmental disorder that starts in childhood, consisting of frequently changing movement and voice tics.”