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  /  Benal Tanrısever Şimşek

Benal Tanrısever Şimşek

Benal Tanrısever

Benal Tanrısever Şimşek

Musician, Founder, BT Music House

“Brains work differently when they think with music. Music lets us see what others cannot and transports what we see to a different dimension.” 

Formulas of music

“Learning music starts with learning organisational skills and processes,” says Benal Tanrısever Şimsek. “Music also gives one the skill to focus on something, to notice details. It gives us the ability to think about what we have just seen or heard. Music is not coincidental, and neither is anything else. Music has formulas. Before we start, we already know what to do and we act based on an organisation chart. Through music, one gains a different way of thinking and a different perspective. Though I am not your typical tradesperson, I have managed to integrate my musical education into my business by establishing BT Music House, drawing on the skills I gained from music.”

Şimsek is a musician and an educator. She received the USA’s “Women of Outstanding Achievement” prize, was selected to appear in the Musical Encyclopaedia in Germany, and was the subject of a documentary broadcast on the German television channel, Rias Television. She focuses her efforts on instilling in children an enjoyment, as well as knowledge, of music. Simsek was the musical producer on the series “Bay Major’le Klasik Müzik Masalları”. She also won the creative book award for a book she wrote in 2007 that was published by Neşe Türkeş.

Who is Benal Tanrısever Şimşek?

She began her musical education at the Istanbul Conservatory of Music, and received her Bachelor’s and Master’s of music degrees from the Juilliard School in New York, one of the world’s most prestigious music schools. She continued her studies at the Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin under Prof. Georg Sava and was granted a diploma with a mention for virtuosity of performance. She has performed recitals and concerts as the orchestra singer in the world’s major concert halls. She worked as a lecturer at Bilkent University’s Faculty of Music and Performing Arts. During her long years in New York, she focused on pedagogical musical education and learning models. As the music program consultant for ENKA Schools, she founded “Collaboration in Music (Müzikte İşbirliği)”which aims to bring schools and music in Istanbul together. She founded an educational institution in 1997, called BT Music House, the aim of which is to convey all the experience she has gained over her life in music to children.

• Life is music and music is mathematics

• There are no coincidences in music

• Why do we look at what we see differently?

• How do we listen to one another?