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Barbaros Çetin

Barbaros Çetin

Barbaros Çetin


“Is there any meaning to life if you don’t have fresh air outside the window? We cannot survive unless we are aware of the rules of the environment we live in.” 

Barbaros Çetin is a biologist who has published extensively both nationally and internationally and who places great importance in ecological economies. His current areas of activity include global warming, Turkey’s ecological future, ecological economies and water issues.

Çetin emphasizes that humans can make best use of the world’s biodiversity by ensuring that natural systems remain healthy: “possibly the most important thing about biodiversity is the value of species and ecosystems in the long term. This is not adequately considered in the classical short-term market economy; ecological economy should be at the forefront in our thinking as it is in various other countries. However, perhaps because the rules of classical economy still reign in our country, the ecological and economic importance of these values have traditionally been ignored and the ‘depreciation of nature’ has not been included in the budgets of the five year development plans. European Council member states allocate one to four percent of their budgets to such considerations.” According to Çetin, we must change our outlook and pay more attention to nature. Most of us did not receive any education concerning the environment and we tend to think that the planet’s resources are endless whilst we remain oblivious to the rules of the environment we live in, and we fail to grasp how life on this planet functions. These misperceptions make our future survival and happiness impossible.

Who is Barbaros Çetin?

He studied botany in Germany, Finland and Scotland with the support of scholarships from the Swedish Institute of Science and the Swedish Academy of Sciences. He was awarded the Environmental and Natural Protection Prize of the Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1989. He worked as the Head of the Botany Department of Ankara University between 2001 and 2004. He served as a consultant to the Environmental Research Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. He held seats on the executive committee of TUBITAK Chemical Technologies and Environment Group, the board of directors of the Research and Application Centre for Environmental Issues, and the board of directors of the Governor of Ankara’s Office for Environmental Protection.

Prof. Dr. Barbaros Çetin continues to enlighten the public on subjects such as global warming, water issues, ecology, and infectious diseases,among others.

Global Climate change and the World’s Ecological Future

• 4.5 Billion Year Bio-system of the World

• Anoccupying species: the human

• The last 200 years

Global Warming and its Impacts in Turkey

• The history of the concept of global warming

• Ongoingimpacts

• Itsmark on Turkey’s landscape

• Bio-diversity in Turkey and its socioeconomic and ecologic impacts

• Positive impacts of environmental protection on human health and psychology

Vector Diseases and their Impacts in Turkey

• What is a vector disease?

• Diseases transmitted via blood-sucking creatures

• The facts aboutmites and infectious diseases

• Intensity of these diseases in Turkey and the size of the danger in the future

• Types of mite and their ecology

• The relation of Lyme’s Diseaseto diseases such as Autism, AlS, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.

Ecological Economies

• Understanding the seriousness of the situation

• Ecologic collapse and its relation to the economy

Water Wars

• The ecologic and socioeconomic importance of water

• The special position of wetlands in the world ecosystem

• The vital importance of wetlands in our country (Avlan Lake, Beyşehir Lake etc.)

• The water needs of big cities

• Water wars across countries, cities and villages…