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  /  Aydın Özden

Aydın Özden

Aydın Özden

Aydın Özden

Athletic Performance Coach, Genetic Trainer and Nutritionist

Aydin Ozden was born in 1966 in Istanbul. He graduated from Uludag University, department of Economics in 1990. After graduation, he went to San Francisco which is one of the best cities in America in 1991 and received MBA degree in International Business from Lincoln University in 1993. Between 1993/2004, he worked for middle and senior management positions in the IT sector. He traveled all over the world and had a chance to meet people from different cultures and gained a lot of experience.


In 2004, he made a huge career change and became a certified Personal Trainer of NSCA (National Strength Conditioning Association). In 2006, he became a certified Athletic Performance Coach of NSCA. In 2008, he studied Sports Nutrition at San Diego State University.


The trainings that he has taken are Biomechanics (Motion Science), Kinesiology (Human Movement Science), Myology (Muscle Science), Genetics In Sports, Annual Training Planning (Periodization), Scientific Nutrition and Resting Methods, Correct Training Techniques, Writing a Personalized Training Program, Stress Management in Sports and Injury Prevention and Treatment Methods.


Between 2004/2011, he worked as a Personal Trainer, Athletic Performance Coach and Nutrition Specialist at certain universities in California.


At the end of the year 2011, he turned back to Turkey. He became a certified Expert Genetic Trainer in 2018.  He currently works as a Freelance Personal Trainer and guides clients through custom designed exercises, nutrition, and strength/conditioning programs that enables scores on clients to achieve weight loss, prevent/reverse type-2 diabetes, arthritis, sports injuries and post-surgeries, reduce medication for depression, anxiety, hypertension, and adopt a healtier lifesytle.


He also works as an Educational Consultant and leads high-impact health and wellness programs for numerous individuals, organizations, and sports clubs to amplify awareness of healthy lifestyle and importance of science in sports.