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  /  Arzu Demirel

Arzu Demirel

Arzu Demirel

Arzu Demirel

Çizgi Film Senaristi, Yazar, Yönetmen, Dramaturg

Arzu Demirel, Cartoon Screenwriter, Writer, Director, Dramaturg. Creator of the most popular cartoons. Shaping the children’s world with imagination, Demirel teaches them while entertaining them, increases their awareness, and helps adults carry their children to the future.

“I am writing, for a more beautiful, fun and loving world” she says. Niloya, Us Both, Alphabet, Story Garden, Cik Cik Necmi and Vik Vik Merve… These names are some of the works of Arzu Demirel that we all know…

In 2008, with the establishment of TRT Children alphabet, she stepped into the world of cartoons and animations. She became the creator and screenwriter of the cartoon named Niloya. Then continued to create and write projects with Adventurous Fins. Arzu Demirel, who has written as a screenwriter for many projects such as Elif and Friends, My Cheerful World, Tomba and the Alphabet, organizes cartoon scenario trainings and workshops.

Demirel also provides workshops for children media literacy, organizes personal development seminars on critical thinking for parents and children.