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  /  Ali Özgenç

Ali Özgenç

Ali Özgenç

Ali Özgenç

Inovation and Enterprise Consultant, Author

“On a low priced world, Innovation Management is the only way to Sustainable Profitable Growth.”

As the lead figure in the establishment of Argesa, one of Turkey’s first Research & Development Centres, Özgenç has been working in the field of “Innovation Management” for over 15 years. Özgenç describes the era we are living in along with the current perspectives on innovation as follows: “the only way to create sustainable profitable growth in a low-priced world is through innovation management.” Özgenç, with his impressive portfolio of clients, is one of the most experienced professionals in the fields of Innovation Management and Corporate Transportation, areas that companies must focus on if they are to leap forward. Ali Özgenç explains why innovation is such a hot topic for business: “innovation is seen as a company’s last resort and will become ever more increasingly so. This is because the best way to meet current and future competition is by being different and standing out. The only way of differentiating yourself from the rest is through innovation.”

Ali Özgenç has led a considerable number of projects, such as, Business Perfection, and Cost Reduction and Productivity for Sabancı Companies, as well as Operational Perfection and Outsourcing in his role as Business Development Director in the senior management of Sabancı Holding. After carrying out a successful operational perfection project aimed at global competitiveness attended by the Group Companies of Sabancı Holding, Ali Özgenç went on to play an important role as Sabancı Group Corporate 6 Sigma Champion.

Ali Özgenç also served as a Board Member of the companies Çimsa, Toyotasa Marketing and Bimsa. As Technology Director in the team that carried Brisa to success in the first National Quality Awards and the European Quality Awards, Özgenç helped make Lassa an important tire brand in Europe and, as Marketing Director, he oversaw Lassa becoming Turkey’s highest market-share company thanks to his International Marketing strategy. At Brisa, Özgenç established and led an innovative project which was granted an international marketing award.

Who is Ali Özgenç?

Managing Partner of Algoritma, Ali Özgenç works in Innovation Management, Company Structuring, Corporate Transformation and Innovative Cost Reduction. He worked as Business Development Director at Sabancı Holding. He served as a Board Member of  Çimsa, Toyotasa Marketing and Bimsa. At Brisa, he led the establishment of Argesa, one of Turkey’s first Research and Development Centres, as Technology Director. A columnist for Capital Magazine, Ali Özgenç is also the co-founder of Keiretsu Forum İstanbul A.Ş., which is a Melek Investment company.


Innovation is a process rather than a result. Ali Özgenç covers a broad range of topics for audiences who wish to examine this process through and through.

What is Innovation? The “Why” and “How” of Innovation 

• Innovative ability

• Successful examples

Leadership and a Culture of Innovation

• Habits preventing a culture of innovation

• Correctleadership supporting innovation

Innovation Management

• Newinnovation culture

• Systematic innovation

Transformational Management CreatingDifference

• Transformationalinitiatives

• Creating difference

Innovative Cost Reduction

• Distinguishing steps

• Improvingproductivity

• Systematic innovation

Creative Teams

• Personal creativity

• Group intelligence

• Creating insight

• Emerging leaders