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  /  Ali Kirman

Ali Kirman

Ali Kirman

Ali Kirman

Advisor, Writer

“Selling is an art. A seller convinces the consumer they should prefer a specific product. The buying trends of the consumer must therefore be analysed thoroughly.”

We have to sell in order to live

“Is it possible to live without selling something? Yes, it is… A sales/marketing specialist, management consultant and writer, Ali Kirman gives the following answer to this question: “yes, but only if you have money readily available. You have to start selling again, be it a product or service, once that money runs out. This is also true for privately-held companies, as well as for employees, workers, or executives. Surely there are many organisations who are not under any obligation to sell anything, whose expenses are covered by individuals or other organisations but these also have to generate revenue themselves by selling something. Thus, selling things is an activity that sustains our lives. In other words, ‘we must sell in order to live’”. Having provided training programs in more than 30 different sectors, Ali Kirman has shared his experiences in sales skills, sales team management, service delivery, and effective public speaking and presentation skills with countless participants.

Who is Ali Kirman?

He completed his secondary education at TED Ankara College and the English High School for Boys (EHSB); he received his B.A. in economics from the University of the West of England (UWE), U.K. He began his career as a sales representative after which he held various managerial positions in different multinational companies. He attended various seminars and courses within and outside of Turkey. He founded Yön Eğitim ve Danışmanlık, a training and consultancy firm, in 1991. By combining the knowledge gleaned from his vast experience and background with the world’s best training programs, his company was able to deliver unique programs.

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