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İndeks Speaker Agency was founded on diversity. It brings together speakers who speak on different subjects, in their fields of expertise, on interdisciplinary points and who do not need evidence. İndeks Speaker Agency works to accommodate the needs of the day and the period in a variety of subjects. Topics that fall under the main categories of economy can range from fintech, global markets, commodity exchanges, individual welfare, featured and large-scale investments. Sector analysis answers your questions from agriculture-based economy to technology oases management, industry-university collaboration titles, and more. All kinds of social benefits that you can think of when it comes to social enterprise, management of diversity within us, for example; The assurance that we will come from dyslexia to face deformation, from peer bullying, will wait for you to discover the education and communication issues of our children and the richness under them. Youth, generational differences can take you to issues in the field of marketing, and can take you to various problems ranging from different psychological and developmental processes, to child and pedagogical studies, to being a mother and woman, to the world of work and mobbing. On the other hand, we do not ignore the bleeding wounds, ranging from refugee problems to global politics and strategy, from scientific medicine to health, from nanotechnology to technology initiatives, to special investors… we can respond to many issues from sports to mountains, courts, swimming to basketball and our genetic structure to our spiritual integrity. It does not end with counting, the index search function is a click away, we are as far as a phone key.